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Z does not home

PostPosted: 2015-Jul-Fri-05-Jul
by bbrown64
This morning when I started my printer. I homed X and Y. But Z did not home. Every time I pressed the Z home button the Y-Arm moved up not down. It is curious because I have not had this problem prior to this morning. I tried moving Z down 10mm at a time, The Y-Arm moved up 10mm. I have checked to make sure the plug on the motherboard is OK, and it was. I checked the connector at the end of the Z-Probe it is OK also. Anyone have a solution to my problem?

I unplugged the Z-Probe, Plugged in the Y into the Z-Probe position. Then ran M119 command. The return I got was X-Min Triggered, Y-Max Triggered, Z-Min Open. Does this mean my Z-Probe died on me?

Re: Z does not home

PostPosted: 2015-Jul-Fri-08-Jul
by Mooselake
Sounds like an open circuit in the probe. Search the forum, the probes are prone to wires breaking inside the insulation. Does the light come on at the appropriate time, when you hold something conductive near it?

This is one reason the pre-probers aren't in a rush to add them...


Re: Z does not home

PostPosted: 2015-Jul-Fri-12-Jul
by bbrown64
The probe does light up when something metal is held close to the end. I found the problem. The connection to the Z-Probe was reversed. When I readjusted the Z-Probe I disconnected it to add a lock washer under one of the nuts. I had to disconnect the plug and pull out the probe. When I plugged it back in the colors where not aligned properly. Blue is suppose to line up with Black from the motherboard. "Stupid Me".