Printrbot simple metal revF - number of probing point

Printrbot simple metal revF - number of probing point

Postby starz » 2015-Jul-Tue-04-Jul

Does someone could tell me how to increase the number of probing point to a simple metal revF 1403 ?

3 basis points is not enough !

Thank you
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Printrbot simple metal revF - number of probing point



Re: Printrbot simple metal revF - number of probing point

Postby Mooselake » 2015-Jul-Tue-09-Jul

Why isn't 3 points enough?

Regardless of the number of probe points all it does is compute a flat plane. Even 169 point leveling won't help with a warped bed. Lay a straight edge diagonally and look for gaps. If you see any open a ticket with Printrbot to replace the defective hardware.

While some feel that extra points will compute that flat plane better if you're way out of "level", you are way better off using that effort to shim your (unwarped) print surface so the nozzle to bed clearance is as consistent as you can get it. Probing is only a way for manufacturers to avoid properly "leveling" the print surface and pump more machines out the door, not any real benefit (imho) to the actual printer owner. Unless you're an alien in a spaceship, of course.

"Leveling" for a 3D printer means having a consistent space between the print nozzle and the print surface, and has nothing to do with gravity and spirit levels, but you already know that :)

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Re: Printrbot simple metal revF - number of probing point

Postby Willy » 2015-Aug-Fri-14-Aug

If you dont have a straight edge for the above test. Simply print something that has a straight line. It would be best it is about 35 layers thick. The edge should be about a inch smaller than the maximum width of your printer. After making the print. Simply lay the edge on its side. Yow want to test it left and right on the back edge, front edge, then diagonally.

The probe when it measures in the G29 is finding a warp if there is one. Yet it is always a good idea to G29 all the time that you own that printer.
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