Lubricating the Y Axis

Lubricating the Y Axis

Postby Radioman1017 » 2015-May-Wed-23-May

My Simple Metal's Y axis is making a bit of a grindy noise. Driving my wife crazy. Where's the best place to lube that? And it looks like I have to take half the printer apart to get to it. Is that going to be the case?

Pics would be appreciated!


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Lubricating the Y Axis



Re: Lubricating the Y Axis

Postby cacb » 2015-May-Thu-00-May

Could it be the belt that is grinding on the motor plate? If you assembled the kit, that part wasn't all clear.
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Re: Lubricating the Y Axis

Postby Mooselake » 2015-May-Thu-08-May

There shouldn't be any grindy noises; if the belt isn't hitting try a bit of lubricant (Finish Line dry bike lube is good) on the linear rods on both axis since dry linear bearings can sound like that.

Can you reproduce it with the power off and see where it's coming from?

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Re: Lubricating the Y Axis

Postby killbox » 2015-May-Thu-15-May

also check the screws on the back of the motor. they sometimes get loose and and cause the bearings in the motor to grind
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