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Z Probe + Heated Bed problems

PostPosted: 2014-Jul-Wed-02-Jul
by Dudemeister
I have been struggling for the past few hour trying to get the Z Probe dialed in.

First, the original probe included with the PB dies, then I got a replacement, but this one was a xxx/BX mode instead of xxx/BY. The difference between them is the BX logic is reversed. No probelm, I adjusted the firmware to fix that.

My problem are 2 fold. First of all, I can't seem to be able to tweak the probe adjustment using the M212 Zxx command. I know the setting is stored because I can issue a M501 command and I can see the setting I just entered. Problem is that no matter what value I enter in there, the probe doesn't change physical height.

The second problem is that the probe seem to be affected by heat. I have a heater bed, and once I have the bed a 90°, the probe triggers permanently, so it's no longer of any use.

Has anyone else encounter similar problems?