Pi Camera 2/PrinterBot RGBW LED bed mount

Pi Camera 2/PrinterBot RGBW LED bed mount

Postby cbxbiker61 » 2017-Jul-Wed-08-Jul


I designed a bed mount for a Pi camera 2 in conjunction with the PrintrBot RGBW LED. This will allow you to do "lights out" printing with firmware that supports it.

It's on Thingiverse:


Firmware that supports RGBW LED is here:


Firmware forum thread:

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Pi Camera 2/PrinterBot RGBW LED bed mount



Re: Pi Camera 2/PrinterBot RGBW LED bed mount

Postby AbelGill » 2019-Jun-Fri-11-Jun

Hi...the mounting holes on both v1 and v2 RPi cameras are on 21 mm centers, so the 20 mm spacing of the M12 mount you link isn't a perfect fit. Depending on your mounting screw size, you may still be able to force it. Second, you have to manually cut or file down a notch in the M12 mount for the micro-flex cable that comes out of the camera module. That isn't too hard, but if you want, there is also a M12 mount specifically designed for the RPi cameras, with a notch already.
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