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Ubis 13S and ABS

PostPosted: 2017-Jul-Thu-22-Jul
by DavidYon47
The 13S is installed, calibrated, I've re-adjusted my workflow to handle the thermistor differences (assuming my original ceramic was wildly inaccurate vs the 13S), and am rejoicing in faster warmup times and the advantages of a shorter hot zone.

Since the nozzles seem to be where most of the hot filament ends up, and I had bought a nozzle assortment with the hotend, I switched to a virgin 0.4mm nozzle to dedicate to ABS usage. Sure enough, purging the hot end of the PLA and crossing over to ABS was much less anxiety-provoking. The PLA purged quickly and I was into the ABS in no time.

After a few calibration cubes I found that 230-235C was a good zone for my poor neglected spool of black ABS. In fact, once I got to the low 230's I found that almost all my layer adhesion and warping issues disappeared. I've had terrible luck with ABS, and at the time I figured it was the drafty open-air design of the Simple Metal that was sabotaging me. After all, a 90C bed helps first layer adhesion, but doesn't help shrinkage after a height of 10mm or so. I also don't think I'd discovered BuildTak when I last tried ABS, which may have also be hindering my efforts.

So with a combination of a dialed-in 13S, BuildTak, and appropriately high temps, ABS is printing rather effortlessly. I really like the results over PLA. Less spiderwebbing, more resilient to bending, and an overall more solid look and feel. And so yet another line of experimentation opens up. I've reprinted the Ubis 13S shroud in ABS but haven't switched it over yet. I did an attempt at the fancy cooling fan shroud I'm using (one of the few that nicely co-exists with the 13S shroud), but while it's a nice design it's a bear to print with all the extended bridges near the top. I'll work on that later---the PLA version seems to be holding up even at ABS temps (thank you heat sock).

Anyway, it was something of a surprise that I'm having this level of success, and that it was mostly a matter of extrusion temperature.