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Extruder fail

PostPosted: 2017-Apr-Sun-19-Apr
I'm printing for the first time. My 20mm cube had a square base but was short; printed it at 185. Using the material the printer came with (simple 2014).

On the second print (different model), the output started looking like angelhair; finer and finer until it stopped extruding. The feeder "click click clicks", telling me it's forcing the material but it won't go through.

What's going on?

Re: Extruder fail

PostPosted: 2017-May-Mon-10-May
by RetireeJay
There's too much back-pressure and the extruder is jamming. You can search for extruder jam in this forum and find hundreds of hits! You might need a higher extruder temperature to liquefy the plastic better.