Legacy/Original printrbot software (mostly octoprint)

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Re: Legacy/Original printrbot software (mostly octoprint)

Post by halkeye » 2018-Jul-Sun-18-Jul

Sweet, that was very helpful. I was able to get it to attempt to print.

The filament didn't get extruded, though it certainly tried, which means i assembled something wrong, but it was fun to watch the print head and gears do all the work they were supposed to.

Re: Legacy/Original printrbot software (mostly octoprint)

Post by cbxbiker61 » 2018-Jul-Sun-15-Jul

Are you talking about doing the slicing on the OctoPrint server? I've played with it a bit, but it really limits your control. I've found that slicing on your PC and uploading the finished gcode file to the OctoPrint server to be the way to go.

Slic3r PE (Prusa Edition) works well for my PrintrBot Simple. You can configure Slic3r with the address of the OctoPrint server and send the gcode files straight to OctoPrint.

My workflow is like:

1. Slice with Slic3r
2. Upload to OctoPrint (option built into the Slic3r control screen)
3. Go to OctoPrint web control panel and start print (the next version of Slic3r PE will be able to upload and start the print immediately)
4. Monitor the printer using a PiCam 2 attached to the OctoPrint server

If you need a Slic3r PE config file for PrintrBot Simple I can put a copy here. This would at least give you a starting point for any of the other PrintrBots.

Legacy/Original printrbot software (mostly octoprint)

Post by halkeye » 2018-Jul-Sun-12-Jul

Hi Printrbot people,

I was recently given an un-assembled kickstarter printrbot to try out 3d printing. I've managed to get everything assembled, and using octoprint, managed to get all the x-y-z motors and cutoffs to values I think are right.

My next steps are to actually try printing, but it seems pretty hard to find this information. Searching "printrbot" pretty much gives me everything, and printrbot legacy or kickstarter is hit or miss.

So far I'm really happy with octoprint, but i can't seem to find a cura profile for it. Is there something similar I can use? Is there a different linux or windows app I can use that will help me print files? My first few prints are going to be replacement parts for the original printer, which sorta cracked due to either us mishandling them, or age, so I'm not too worried about designing yet, just printing.

Also, while not quite software related, any suggestions for how to use the printer bed? I heard mention of a glass plate in one video, and other tutorials for other printers talk about glue sticks or other stuff. So any starters would be great.